Cinemautopsy: What Went Wrong With ‘Green Lantern’?

by Matt Singer a day ago
Warner Bros.
In Cinemautopsy, we look back at a recent, high-profile failure and asks a simple question: What the hell happened? In this installment... a long-running superhero. The megastar lead of another wildly popular comic-book movie. A massive sci-fi epic with an all-star cast. The guy who reinvented James Bond twice. The guy who went on to launch DC’s TV empire. What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s Spoil ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

by ScreenCrush Staff 4 days ago
We always knew they were coming back. After all, what epic, era-defining blockbuster doesn’t get a sequel in this day and age? None. And Independence Day truly was one of the biggest movies of the 1990s, both in terms of grosses (it was the top earner of 1996, both home and abroad) and scope, with mile-wide UFOs descending on our planet, wiping out our most treasured landmarks, and trying to eradicate our species. A few brave heroes fought back and saved our world from extinction and now, 20 years later, most of them return to fight a new alien menace in Independence Day: Resurgence (except for Will Smith, he was busy). A cast of familiar faces (Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman) and newcomers (Liam

Study Shows Film Criticism Is Just as Male-Dominated as Filmmaking

by Britt Hayes 5 days ago
Particularly avid film fans are likely well-aware that the industry is a male-dominated one in which women — both behind of and in front of the scenes — are outnumbered and thus outranked by men. But as Meryl Streep pointed out last year, the problem extends beyond Hollywood proper and into film journalism, where a new study supports the idea that the industry as a whole is unfairly skewed — the implication being that if the majority of film critics are male and promoting predominantly male-driven narratives, then Hollywood has no reason to make a change.

The New ‘Ghostbusters’ Didn’t Ruin ‘Ghostbusters,’ The Original ‘Ghost Busters’ Did

by Matt Singer 7 days ago
When angry fans made the trailer for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters the most disliked movie trailer in the history of YouTube (now at 880,000 thumbs down and counting as of this writing), their accompanying comments repeated the same complaints. The digital effects looked bad. The broad physical comedy didn’t work. The cast was gallingly female. (Recent example, all spelling errors theirs: “why woman ? im not sexist but i think its not good to use them.”) Over and over, they returned to one singular conclusion: The new Ghostbusters would not only ruin fans’ collective childhoods, it would ruin the original Ghostbusters.

Have We Finally Reached Peak Sequel?

by Matt Singer June 8, 2016 @ 11:57 AM
Last weekend, moviegoers faced a difficult choice. They could see a sequel to an unpopular live-action version of an old cartoon or a sequel to an unpopular live-action version of an old cartoon. If they wanted something more original, they could see a new live-action version of an old cartoon. (Don’t worry, the sequel’s already in the works.)

Dan Aykroyd Praises New ‘Ghostbusters’ and the Internet’s Reaction Is Predictably Ugly

by Britt Hayes May 30, 2016 @ 2:08 PM
Columbia Pictures
It’s become impossible to talk about Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters without acknowledging the unsavory reactions from fans of the original who have declared the reboot cinema non grata (to say the least). It’s also been suggested that perhaps some words of support from the original cast members might help soothe the aggressive fanbase, that if their so-called childhood heroes give Feig’s film the stamp of approval (as if their willingness to cameo in the film wasn’t endorsement enough), maybe the anti-reboot fan contingent would settle down and come to accept a crew of female Ghostbusters. That’s not the case, as OG Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd shared his positive thoughts on Feig’s reboot, inspiring a slew of predictably angry reactions.

No, It’s Not Just You, the ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Timeline Makes No Sense

by Matt Singer May 27, 2016 @ 8:57 AM
20th Century Fox
The X-Men. It’s a simple premise. A genetic fluke gifts (or curses) a select few with special abilities. These people are known as “mutants.” Some of those mutants band together as the X-Men, sworn to protect the society that hates and fears them.

Cinemautopsy: What Went Wrong With ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’?

by Matt Singer May 23, 2016 @ 9:27 AM
In Cinemautopsy, we look back at a recent, high-profile failure and asks a simple question: What the hell happened? In this installment... the most popular member of a massive franchise. A hugely talented supporting cast full of up-and-coming actors. A promising indie director. The mysterious origin of a legendary comic book superhero. What could possibly go wrong?