Herschell Gordon Lewis, Godfather of Gore, Dies at 87
For every cinephile and aspiring filmmaker interested in the worlds of horror and exploitation, it is a rite of passage: The first viewing of Blood Feast. Notorious in its day, infamous for decades for its extreme violence and graphic depictions of blood and guts, Blood Feast became one of the found…
VHS, Beloved Home Video Format, Dies at 40
Very sad news out of Japan: According to Mental Floss, Funai Electric, the last company making VCRs has announced that it will cease production of VCRs, “due to declining sales and difficulty acquiring parts.” Though effectively on life support for the last several years, the will mark…
Garry Marshall, Prolific TV and Filmmaker, Dies at 81
The entertainment world lost a giant yesterday, when Garry Marshall, creator of some of the most popular television shows in the medium’s history and a director of some of the most beloved movies of the last 30 years, died after what The New York Times called “a series of strokes. …
Abbas Kiarostami, Giant of International Cinema, Dies at 76
Tragic news via The Guardian: Abbas Kiarostami, one of the greatest filmmakers of my lifetime — or anyone’s lifetime — has died. Kiarostami was undergoing treatment for gastrointestinal cancer; he had been diagnosed with the disease in March of 2016. Kiarostami was 76 years old.

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