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Bryan Cranston Abandons His Family, But Like in a Poetic Way, in ‘Wakefield’ Trailer

by Charles Bramesco April 19, 2017 @ 8:50 AM
Gilles Mingasson
The ennui of suburban life can drive a middle-aged man to do crazy things. Usually, it’s something like having an affair or purchasing a flashy compensatory car. For Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, it meant a return to his teenage habits of blazin’ it and kickin’ out the Guess Who jams. And in E.L. Doctorow’s 2008 short story Wakefield, a family man breaks free from the shackles of everyday drudgery by abandoning his family and then watching them react to his disappearance from the attic of the house next door. But, like, in a poetic way.

All of Your Faves Are Back in the International ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Trailer

by Emma Stefansky April 18, 2017 @ 5:49 PM
A certain branch of criticism against the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie back when it came out in 2011 focused on the fact that this was the first one with barely a trace of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, two characters we’d all grown to love through a trilogy of movies, and, arguably, who are the actual heart and soul of the series. Without them, On Stranger Tides felt adrift, unable to find an emotional focus despite introducing a new generation of generically attractive leads. The good news for those of us who have stuck with the series this far is, thanks to the new international trailer, we know Elizabeth is coming back too. Along with a few more of Captain Jack’s “friends.”

‘Little Hours’ Red Band Trailer: Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie are Sinful Nuns

by Britt Hayes April 18, 2017 @ 11:37 AM
Courtesy of the Sundance Institute
The first — red band and incredibly NSFW — trailer for The Little Hours ticks off so many of the right boxes: Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie as foul-mouthed, promiscuous nuns. John C. Reilly, merely existing because that’s really all that we require of him. Fred Armisen’s off-kilter humor, Dave Franco (the superior Franco), Nick Offerman, and Molly Shannon — all participating in a raunchy take on those stoic Euro masterpieces from the ’70s. (Despite the fact that The Devils already exists.)

New ‘The Beguiled’ Teaser Is a Very Intense Tease for Tomorrow’s New Trailer

by Erin Whitney April 18, 2017 @ 11:05 AM
Focus Features
There’s a few reasons the term ‘teaser trailer’ feels especially appropriate when describing the new Sofia Coppola drama The Beguiled. Not only is the average movie-lover excited for a new film from the Virgin Suicides director, the typical Colin Farrell fan hyped for the The Lobster actor to dig into more dramatic territory, or those missing Big Little Lies anxious for new Nicole Kidman; but this movie, about a boarding school quivering with insidious desires and sexual tension, looks to be the epitome of a tease.

‘American Assassin’ Trailer: Don’t Mess With Michael Keaton

by Charles Bramesco April 18, 2017 @ 11:00 AM
Alien Vs. Predator. Freddy Vs. Jason. Kramer Vs. Kramer. Plessy Vs. Ferguson. Soon, a new rivalry shall join the ranks of the great cinematic grudge matches. You saw Bradley Cooper plumb new depths of moral compromise with American Sniper in 2014. Now, he’ll go up against his greatest nemesis yet: it’s American Sniper Vs. American Assassin — Battle of America.

Sean Bean Brings Death From Afar in the First Trailer for ‘Drone’

by Matthew Monagle April 16, 2017 @ 10:39 AM
Screen Media Films
Hollywood tends to operate with a little bit of a delay. A few years ago, it became public knowledge that the American government uses drone strikes to carry out attacks on enemy combatants from halfway around the world. As such, we’re now seeing a handful of movies that use those headlines to make a statement about the dangers of modern warfare. In 2014, IFC Films released Good Kill, a drama starring Ethan Hawke about a family man who begins to question the morality of killing people from halfway around the world. The latest film to tackle this issue is Drone, the new film starring Sean Bean with a similar premise but a decidedly more lurid execution.

The ‘Star Wars’ Canon Expands in the First Trailer for ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’

by Matthew Monagle April 15, 2017 @ 3:12 PM
Electronic Arts/Lucasfilm
When is a video game more than just a video game? When the story it tells is woven into the legends and events of one of the biggest blockbuster movie franchises of all time. This weekend, Electronic Arts debuted the first footage from its upcoming Star Wars Battlefront 2, the sequel to the bestselling 2015 Star Wars video game, with the promise that this game would tell canonical stories not previously seen in the Star Wars universe. It’s all part of an ambitious effort by Lucasfilm to weave these Star Wars stories across a variety of media, including the films, television shows, video games, and books.

First ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer Is Here and Yes, It’s Amazing

by Erin Whitney April 14, 2017 @ 10:57 AM
Finally, the wait is over and the very first footage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi has arrived! If you haven’t already passed out or exploded into tiny specs of dust, congrats!

Sam Jackson Drops A Whole Lot of Mother-F-Bombs in ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ Trailer

by Charles Bramesco April 14, 2017 @ 9:28 AM
Much in the same way that I have always wondered who delivers mail to mailmen (if they live in their own district, are they allowed to deliver mail to themselves? is that a conflict of interest?), the writers of the new action-comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard ponder who a career killer goes to when he finds himself a mark. Even professional assassins need a little muscle from time to time, and when one especially ill-tempered sunuvagun hires a body guard with a short fuse, violent egos clash with nose-crushing results.

‘The Bad Batch’ Trailer: Salvation Costs an Arm and a Leg

by Emma Stefansky April 13, 2017 @ 6:46 PM
The Bad Batch is a bit of an odd bird. Part Mad Max, part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part cannibalism horror, part romance, it doesn’t quite fit into just one genre. The trailers for this movie have been appropriately odd, the latest adding a tinge of melancholy to the dystopian malaise. There’s definitely a story here, but the hypnotic weirdness of the trailer predicts an even weirder experience to come when you see the movie.