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FX’s ‘American Crime Story’: David Schwimmer to Play Kim Kardashian’s Father

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 6 minutes ago
Vince Bucci / Michael Buckner, Getty Images
Beginning with its initial announcement, and ‘American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson’s subsequent casting of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson, we’ve had a hard time wrapping our heads around FX’s new Ryan Murphy drama. Now, ‘Friends’ star David Schwimmer has been cast in the role of O.J.’s lawyer Robert Kardashian (yes, patriarch to ​those​ Kardashians), and our bewilderment is certainly coming to a middle.

‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Recasts Mason Verger: Michael Pitt Out, Joe Anderson In

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 4 hours ago
The NBC ‘Hannibal’'s bold choice to introduce ‘Boardwalk Empire’ star Michael Pitt as iconic literary baddie Mason Verger paid off in gruesome spades, but it seems season 3 will have a new face to go along with Mason’s…well, “new” face. Pitt has opted to leave the NBC drama behind, and will be replaced by ‘The Divide’ star Joe Anderson.

‘Bates Motel’ Season 3 Goes A Bit More ‘Psycho’ in First Teaser

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 5 hours ago
A&E’s ‘Bates Motel’ has been pretty quiet on the western front, but with season 3 set to open in March 2015, Norman and Norma are gearing up for the busy season. Watch Freddie Highmore go a bit more ‘Psycho’ as our first look at ‘Bates Motel’ season 3 recreates an iconic moment from the original Hitchcock film!

The Best TV Shows of 2014 (According to Kevin Fitzpatrick)

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago
Nickelodeon / FX / NBC
Top 10 lists rank among the more unusual aspects of movie and TV criticism, and as my colleagues Ryan McGee, Matt Singer, and Mike Sampson’s own 2014 favorites will attest, the end-of-year celebration format brings with it a unique mixture of...

‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’: First Look at Neil Patrick Harris’ Magical Guest Turn

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 8 hours ago
‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ has proven just a bit more cogent than last season’s ‘Coven’ (while simultaneously connecting itself to the ‘Asylum’), but the FX horror drama’s January return will accomplish something no other ‘Horror Story’ has dared. Check out Neil Patrick Harris’ magical guest appearance in our first preview for the ‘Freak Show’'s antepenultimate hour, “Magical Thinking”!

Watch Amy Adams and Jimmy Fallon Celebrate the Holidays With a Very Special Drinking Game

by Kate Erbland 10 hours ago
Amy Adams is adorably bad at flip cup. The ‘Big Eyes’ star—and hey, this week's ‘Saturday Night Live’ host!—hit up ‘The Tonight Show’ last night to play an extremely festive round of flip cup with host Jimmy Fallon. Although the cheery spirit was strong in this particular round of holiday-decked flip cup, that didn’t do much to help Adams’ overall performance.

Marvel’s Netflix ‘Daredevil’ Hits the Streets in Two New Photos

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 11 hours ago
We haven’t heard much from Marvel’s Netflix ‘Daredevil’ series since the big presentation at New York Comic-Con, save for the character’s successor in Krysten Ritter’s Jessica Jones, so what’s Matt Murdock been up to? Find out in two new photos of Marvel’s “street-level heroes,”as ‘Daredevil’ hits the streets to dispense some ninja justice!

‘The Legend of Korra’ Finale Review: “Day of the Colossus / The Last Stand”

by Matt Patches 11 hours ago
‘The Legend of Korra’ began as a “What if?”: What would the ancient-skewing world previously depicted in ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ look like 70 years in the future, with a female protagonist, with the traditional Hero’s Journey thrown out the window? The original plan was for a mini-series — a graphic noir tale that dipped its toe into recognizable class wars. But what Korra could do, become, say, wound up overflowing into three more seasons. The potential creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko saw in their new incarnation crescendos into the show’s very last beats.

Stephen Colbert’s Star-Studded Sing-A-Long Send-Off Might Make You Cry

by Kate Erbland 11 hours ago
Comedy Central
Even though "Stephen Colbert" the host, actor, and comedian is only leaving us for a brief bit of time -- he'll take over hosting 'The Late Show' late next year -- "Stephen Colbert" the 'Colbert Report'-created character left us last night, when the Comedy Central talk show ended its nine-year run. Colbert's final episode was weird, marvelous, and marvelously weird, ending with a massive, star-studded sing-a-long that included crooners like Big Bird, Jeff Daniels, Cyndi Lauper, James Franco, and more more more.

FX ‘Fargo’ Season 2 Introduces Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons in First Script Tease

by Kevin Fitzpatrick a day ago
FX / John Sciulli, Getty Images
FX’s ‘Fargo’ gave its first bit of official season 2 casting last week with news that Kirsten Dunst and ‘Breaking Bad’'s Jesse Plemons would play a couple at the center of the ‘70s crime drama, but already the Coen-adapted Emmy-winner is taking things one step further. Get a glimpse of their characters with a full script page from FX’s ‘Fargo’ season 2!