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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 3, ‘Sense8’ and ‘Wet Hot’ Prequel Set Netflix Premieres

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 3 hours ago
Netflix has a major year ahead of it, even after this past weekend’s debut of House of Cards Season 3, and at last we know its summer plans. Not only will Orange is the New Black Season 3 premiere in June, but so too has Netflix set an official premiere date for the Wachowski’s Sense8, and upcoming prequel series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

Monday Morning Critic: The Best Show You’re Probably Not Watching

by Ryan McGee 8 hours ago
Welcome back to another installment of the Monday Morning Critic. In this space each week, I’ll be looking at the week that was in addition to the week ahead in television. The format will shift each week, as the world of TV will dictate the form and content of each piece. In this week’s installment: a look at the upcoming American Crime and praise for The Goldbergs.

Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ Reveals First Photos of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 9 hours ago
Marvel / Netflix
Netflix will next formally turn its attention to the release of Marvel’s Daredevil, now that Season 3 of House of Cards fell on us this past weekend, and what better way than to introduce us to a figure more formidable thank Frank Underwood? Meet Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk, and Marvel debuts its first official photos of the new Kingpin!

‘The Walking Dead’ ‘Forget’ Sneak Peek: Sasha Settles Into Alexandria

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 19 hours ago
The Walking Dead made a shocking return to suburbia this Sunday, as Rick and co. struggled to “Remember” the world behind the walls of Alexandria. The group seems to have settled in for the moment, but is Sasha already starting to “Forget,” judging by the first clip from next Sunday’s installment?

‘Girls’ Review: ‘Ask Me My Name’

by Britt Hayes a day ago
Manipulation, resentment and deceit are the central conceits at the heart of this week’s Girls. Hannah attempts to be friends with Adam, and this overture is both genuine and disingenuous at the same time, highlighting the conflicting emotions that go into such well-meaning and painful post-break-up trials. And while Lena Dunham’s anxiety-ridden performance captures the vast array of emotions during this period, it’s Gillian Jacobs’ exceptionally complex performance as Mimi-Rose that ultimately steals the show, proving the hinge around which Adam and Hannah pivot.

Amy Poehler Played a Hacker in This Lost ’90s Sitcom Pilot

by Britt Hayes a day ago
Parks and Recreation came to an end last week after seven wonderful seasons, and now that you’ve dried your eyes from the buckets of tears you undoubtedly cried, Amy Poehler is ready to make you laugh again. The Second City improv group has revealed clips from a lost pilot for a ’90s sitcom starring Poehler as a hacker in a terrible era-appropriate vest. It’s…well, it’s something.