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The Real President Obama Borrowed ‘Key & Peele’s Anger Translator

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 31 minutes ago
Pool / Getty Images
President Obama has soften shown himself in good spirits with viral content, from Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns, or amiably meme-ing himself, but the latest bit is good enough to make you angry. Translate that anger with the help of Keegan-Michael Key himself, as Obama borrowed “Luther” for his own version of the famous Key & Peele bit.

Last Night’s ‘Mad Men’ Finally Gave Us A Peek at the Finale Endgame

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 10 hours ago
The final seven episodes of AMC’s Mad Men have felt noticeably … well, “business as usual,” and very little like we’ve come to expect from a landmark series with so few hours left. Now, last night’s “Time & Life” finally got down to finale business, bringing us some major change that points toward the series finale, and killing off a series-long name to do it.

‘Game of Thrones’ ‘High Sparrow’ Had More Crossovers Than a Marvel Movie

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 14 hours ago
Tonight’s Game of Thrones introduced the “High Sparrow” while keeping both faithful and divergent to George R.R. Martin’s books, giving us the best of both worlds. Fan-favorites crossed over, others met under entirely original circumstances. Our full review breaks down tonight’s shocking events for the big future of Game of Thrones Season 5!

‘Orphan Black’ Brings Male Clones and Mangoes in ‘Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis’

by Britt Hayes 21 hours ago
BBC America
For the last two seasons, Orphan Black’s primary focus has been delivering dimensional stories about women, each female clone highlighting how different and engaging each woman can be, while also symbolic of various genres (Helena is horror, Cosima is sci-fi, etc.). But with the addition of the male Castor clones in Season 3, the dynamics have changed and the stakes are higher than ever before. This isn’t just about man vs. woman, it’s about nature vs. nurture and what it means to survive.

‘Transformers’ Gets Their Own Female-Only Transforming Team

by Britt Hayes a day ago
IDW Publishing
The other day, DC and Warner Bros. announced plans for the female-only DC Superhero Girls multimedia project, targeted specifically at young girls with the aim to promote the idea that superheroes and action figures aren’t just for boys…because they aren’t. Now Hasbro is jumping on the bandwagon, with a plan to unveil a new, female-only line of Transformers. Roll out the lady-bots!

How ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Abruptly Killed Off an Important Character and Enraged Its Fanbase

by Britt Hayes 3 days ago
Last night, Grey’s Anatomy fans were heartbroken and shocked to discover that one of their favorite, most enduring characters would be killed off in the newest episode — hours before it even aired. Thanks to a mistake made by Entertainment Weekly, the death of Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd (aka “McDreamy”) was well-known before audiences had the chance to watch the episode. That should have taken some of the sting out by allowing them to prepare for the tragic, abrupt death of Shepherd, but instead it only served to exacerbate outrage.

‘American Horror Story’ Season 5 Checks Evan Peters Into ‘Hotel’

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 3 days ago
American Horror Story: Hotel may end up feeling tonally different from its predecessors, but the cast seems more familiar then ever. Despite a bit of initial uncertainty, franchise veteran Evan Peters has officially been confirmed for American Horror Story Season 5, and we’ve even got his Hotel room number.

‘Daredevil’ Star Charlie Cox Talks Season 2, Black Widow, Bullseye and The Punisher

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 3 days ago
Marvel / Netflix
Daredevil showrunner Steven DeKnight has previously spoken of his interest in a second Netflix season, though the Marvel drama has since revealed its renewal plans without DeKnight at the helm. Now, series star Charlie Cox has his own thoughts on where Daredevil Season 2 might go, including Defenders ties, Avengers crossover, and even The Punisher.

Sawyer Sweeten, Star of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ Dead at 19

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 3 days ago
Kevin Winter, Getty Images
A sad day for fans of Everybody Loves Raymond and the world at large, as the family of series star Sawyer Sweeten has confirmed news that the 19-year old passed away Thursday of a suspected suicide, in Texas. The young star and his twin brother Sullivan had played Raymond sons Geoffrey and Michael Barone from 1996 to 2005.

New ‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Motion Poster, or Why You’re Not Sleeping Tonight

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 4 days ago
June is fast approaching, and we haven’t checked in with the good Dr. Lecter after the first Hannibal Season 3 trailer. Nevertheless, our beloved cannibal antihero is always watching (and blinking) at us, evidenced by an unnerving new motion poster for the third course of NBC’s darkly delicious horror.