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'Boardwalk Empire' Review: "Friendless Child"

by Britt Hayes October 20, 2014 02:48 PM
With an intense, all-out war being waged between Nucky and Charlie Luciano, 'Boardwalk Empire' plunges onward toward its conclusion. The past bleeds into the present, as chance encounters blossom into opportunities given to those desperate for them, and how that desperation inevitably lends itself to gruesome circumstance. Most startling and perhaps poetic of all in "Friendless Child" is the way that two fates are intertwined, and how redemption can come at the 11th hour for Nucky Thompson in the most unexpected way.

'The Walking Dead' Interview: Andrew J. West Talks Terminus Spoilers, Gareth Backstory and More

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 17, 2014 02:34 PM
'The Walking Dead' fans got their second taste of season 5's new big bad this past Sunday, as Terminus leader Gareth put the hurt on Rick and his crew, but will the scrappy survivor come back to bite everyone in the end? We talked to Andrew J. West himself for a course in 'Walking Dead' season 5 spoilers, including Gareth's mysterious past, and which cast member from the series might make for a good meal.

'The Legend of Korra' Book 4 Review: "The Coronation"

by Matt Patches October 17, 2014 11:15 AM
'The Legend of Korra' Book 4 has me hooked with story, but it's wowing me with the return of the original Metalbender, now 86 years old, and actress Philece Sampler's faithful rendition of her layered persona. It's Toph again, and not just on paper. The way she speaks, the way she jabs, the way concern slips out of her hard shell, the way she forcefully reels in that trace of compassion after noticing it snuck out — Toph is the most successful “classic” character to transition to the new show. She needed to be. Only someone as no-nonsense as Toph could whip the Avatar pack into hero mode, the human Zoloft to Korra's spell of depression.

'American Horror Story: Freak Show' Review: "Massacres and Matinees"

by Britt Hayes October 15, 2014 10:00 PM
Condensed down to its regular hour-long runtime, this week's second episode of 'Freak Show' still manages to offer wacky wonders and oddball delights, but the introduction of Michael Chiklis as strongman Dell Toledo presents a new conflict for our cast of characters -- and with that conflict comes a familiar problem for 'American Horror Story,' giving this particular bit of plotting a rushed feeling. And while the overbearing Dell may strong-arm his way into having everyone thinking he's top dog, his three-breasted wife Desiree seems way more interesting.

'Arrow' Review: "Sara"

by Kevin Fitzpatrick October 15, 2014 09:23 PM
The CW
‘Arrow’ season 3 lets loose its second installment of the year with season premiere followup “Sara,” as the team grapples with Sara's death, and Roy is forced to reveal Thea's whereabouts, while in flashback Oliver acclimates to his new Hong Kong surroundings, and has a chance encounter with Tommy (Colin Donnell).

'The Flash' Review: "Fastest Man Alive"

by Ryan McGee October 14, 2014 09:05 PM
The CW
Second episodes of television shows are hard. They might be the hardest one a show ever has to pull off, since it has to establish the template by which the show moves from pilot to actual series. Gone is the burden of having to set up a world, but present is the burden of having to build it out on a weekly basis. A show has to plan for the future but stay entertaining in the present. “Fastest Man Alive” represents 'The Flash' experiencing a few growing pains as it makes its shift into weekly entertainment, but it’s by no means a bad episode. The good far outweighs the bad, and much of the bad can be easily fixed over time.