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‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Will Let You Fly the Millennium Falcon

by Jason Fanelli May 12, 2015 @ 9:27 AM | ArcadeSushi
Fans of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront revivial from EA and DICE should immediately turn their attention to this Reddit thread, where members of the game's development team are answering all kinds of questions from fans on what to expect when the game drops this fall. One of the best pieces of news so far? We're going to get to be our own Han Solo and pilot the Millennium Falcon.

The New ‘Mad Max’ Video Game Looks About as Insane as ‘Fury Road’

by Jacob Hall April 23, 2015 @ 9:55 AM
When it was announced that a Mad Max video game was arriving later this year, most discerning gamers and movie fans assumed it would be a quick cash-in on Mad Max: Fury Road. The new trailer, our first extended look at the game, is a nice reminder that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. Simply titled Mad Max, the game isn’t specifically based on the new movie. Instead, it seemingly borrows from all four films to create an open-world game that encompasses everything you love about George Miller’s post-apocalyptic action series.

‘The Legend of Zelda’ Netflix Series Denied by Nintendo Boss?

by Kevin Fitzpatrick March 23, 2015 @ 3:39 PM
About a month ago, surprising news broke that Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda might at long last get the live-action treatment with a Game of Thrones-style Netflix series, odd considering the video game juggernaut’s usual reticence with intellectual properties. Now, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata has reportedly denied the project’s development, albeit with a bit of wiggle room.

The 5 Worst Video Game Movies of All-Time

by ScreenCrush Staff February 18, 2015 @ 12:54 PM
There have not been many good video game movies. Have there been any good video game movies? No, not really but there have at least been some okay video game movies. Sadly, there are a lot more really bad video game movies. We teamed up with our video game based sister site Arcade Sushi to mash some buttons in a special episode of 5x5 to find the worst video game movies of all-time. You're welcome, nobody.