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Peter Dinklage Sings About All Those Dead ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters

by Britt Hayes 7 days ago
Boy, a lot of people sure do die on Game of Thrones. Westeros is a really dangerous place for pretty much every human unfortunate enough to live there. In keeping with that idea, Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion of the House Lannister) teamed up with Coldplay to sing a song for (some of) the fallen characters. Spoilers ahead, obviously, for all five seasons.

FOX’s ‘Scream Queens’ Trailer Takes a Lawnmower to Your Face

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 days ago
FOX hasn’t exactly been shy about promoting Ryan Murphy’s new Scream Queens series with plenty of promos and photos, but in the interest of keeping blood pumping until fall, the full trailer has finally arrived. See star-studded Scream Queens from the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts and more, and find out who takes a lawnmower to the face!

‘Daredevil’ Concept Art Goes In-Depth on Creating Netflix’s Red Suit

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 days ago
Despite accidentally leaking just hours before the launch, Daredevil’s iconic red suit proved among the more hotly-anticipated aspects of Marvel’s first Netflix series. Its finale debut was met with somewhat less enthusiasm, though now Marvel has revealed new concept art and an in-depth analysis of designer Ryan Meinerding’s take on the famed costume.

‘The Strain’ Season 2 Sets July Premiere, Gird Your Eyeballs

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 days ago
New York City may be overrun with vampires, but The Strain has only begun to spread by news of its Season 2 premiere. FX has officially set a July debut for its next round of Guillermo del Toro horror, teasing the gang’s new mission with a full synopsis.

CBS ‘Zoo’ Trailer: Only a ‘Renegade Zoologist’ Can Stop Lions From World Domination

by Kevin Fitzpatrick 7 days ago
Assuming you’ve managed to contain your laughing fits at the phrase “renegade zoologist,” CBS forthcoming Zoo adaptation at last has a grizzly first trailer. What happens when all of Earth’s animals turn on the human race, dogs and cats killing together? Mass hysteria, man.

‘Mad Men’ Star Jon Hamm Confirms Don’s Finale Coke-spiration

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 18, 2015 @ 9:29 PM
Far from any LOST or even Breaking Bad, last night’s Mad Men series finale still inspired the lion’s share of debate today, the final moments of “Person to Person” proving just vague enough for a few open interpretations. Now, Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm has revealed his own insight into the Mad Men ending, including thoughts on the characters’ future thereafter.

‘Breaking Bad’ Gets Its Own Crazy ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Tribute

by Britt Hayes May 18, 2015 @ 6:48 PM
Thanks to the Rockstar Edition of Grand Theft Auto V, fans are now able to record and edit their own gameplay footage, which has yielded some rather creative results. We’ve seen fans pay tribute to movies an TV shows using The Sims, but GTA gives players some options they don’t really have in the world of The Sims — stuff like car-jackings and guns and, you know, general violence and gritty characters. Stuff you need to make a solid Breaking Bad tribute, for instance.

Is ‘Tomorrowland’ Any Good? Mike and Matt Debate on the Latest Episode of Post Credits

by ScreenCrush Staff May 18, 2015 @ 5:15 PM
Welcome back to another installment of Post Credits, ScreenCrush’s movie review show. On this week’s episode, ScreenCrush Editor-in-Chief Mike Sampson and Managing Editor and Film Critic Matt Singer get a fast pass to a world beyond, as they debate Brad Bird’s much-anticipated sci-fi thriller Tomorrowland, starring George Clooney and Britt Robertson.

No, ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ Won’t Be Crossing Over Anytime Soon

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 18, 2015 @ 4:57 PM
Regardless of network, any and all DC TV series spur talk of crossover potential from fans. The Flash arrived with its Arrow connection built in, but despite Supergirl’s CBS proximity to The CW, executive producer Greg Berlanti confirms that the universes will remain separate (for now, anyway).

‘Game of Thrones’ Cast and Creator Respond to ‘Unbowed’ Rape Controversy

by Kevin Fitzpatrick May 18, 2015 @ 3:02 PM
Well, here we are again. Game of Thrones is no stranger to controversial depictions of sex, and increasingly prone to scenes of deplorable rape with reckless abandon, and last night's "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" proved no different. Unsurprisingly, creator George R.R. Martin, producers and cast have now come forth with their own assessment of the latest outrage.