We see you driving 'round town hustlin' all them jobs, Cee Lo, and we're like, forget you.

Musician, judge of 'The Voice,' producer, and kinda-sorta-actor Cee Lo Green has just signed a first-look deal with NBC, and is developing an autobiographical television series inspired by his struggles to balance his life as a producer and musician with being a family man. 

Cee Lo Green might want to save some jobs for James Franco, if you know what we're saying. THR reports that Green has just signed a first-look deal with NBC, where he and his Emerald Productions banner will develop and produce scripted and unscripted projects for the network that may or may not star Green himself. Included in that contract is a new show based on Cee Lo's life as a producer and musician trying to make it work with his family, which will be co-produced by Happy Madison's Doug Robinson. We sincerely hope Green pulls an Eddie Murphy and plays the parts of all of his family members and that they are all bald, and their signature catchphrase is, "forget you, daddy!" Then they all hug and maybe there's a dog involved.

Green is best known for his work as vocalist and one half of the duo Gnarls Barkley, alongside music producer Dangermouse -- you may be familiar with their monster hit 'Crazy,' the inescapable pop/R&B song that still haunts the dreams of children born that year, probably. Prior to that, he was a rapper in the group Goodie Mob (ask your gramps). Green put out a solo record in 2010, containing that other inescapable hit, 'F--- You,' in which he laments a woman who dumped him when he was broke, but he's such a good dude that he wrote a song hurling F-bombs at her, which became the unofficial break-up national anthem for about five minutes, until a month later when Taylor Swift released four more songs about guys who dumped her.

Green is also a judge on NBC's singing competition reality show, 'The Voice,' has a supporting role in 'Sparkle,' and lends his own voice to the upcoming animated comedy 'Hotel Transylvania.'