'Celebrity Apprentice' contestants Clay Aiken, Lisa Lampinelli and Dayana Mendoza haven't always gotten along during the course of this season. But after Sunday's show, there would be one less person to worry about fighting.  Who got sent home?

The bad news for 'Celebrity Apprentice' contestant and Miss Universe winner, Dayana Mendoza is she's the latest firing in this twelfth season of Donald Trump's reality show. The good news is the Venezuelan supermodel won't have take to take anymore verbal abuse from Lampanelli and can you believe it, Clay Aiken.

The even-tempered Mendoza was no stranger to the boardroom. In fact, she went before The Donald a record six times. But after Team Forte struggled with a task that involved creating a jingle, Mendoza was finally sent packing. And the news probably came as some relief, as the South American beauty suffered countless insults from Lampanelli and some unlikely bullying from Clay Aiken in last night's episode.

"It's like the blind leading the seeing," said Aiken of Mendoza's performance in what would be her final task.  But that's nothing compared to the racial slur Lampenelli leveled at Mendoza during an interview on Sirius XM. Asked about why the comedian had it out for her, Mendoza was baffled.

"I would have loved for her to answer that," the pageant star told EW. "Everybody else that I worked with always said that I’m a hard worker, and I felt like I was never given the opportunity to show it," she added.

Regarding the ethic slur Lampanelli used, Mendoza didn't find the humor in her teammates off-color joke.

"At this point, it’s not funny. She’s not on stage performing it. She’s not trying to make a joke. She’s using a derogatory term, not towards only me, but towards a whole culture, which happens to be my culture. So now you’re including my mom, my dad, my sister, the rest of my family and everybody that I love that is related with it," explained Mendoza.

All offensive joking aside, Mendoza surprisingly told EW she'd do it all over again.

"I would be happy to do it, and I would do it the same way I did it. [laughs] It was a terrible experience, it was terrible for me, but I’m happy that I did it and I’m happy that it came out the way it came out, because I feel like my values and everything that my mom and my grandma and my dad taught me is reflected in my job and the way that I behaved."

Though she may not have been the strongest contestant, Mendoza took the high road throughout the competition, despite her teammates attempts to bring her down.

Hey, people have been fired for worse.