'Survivor' and 'Celebrity Apprentice' creator, Mark Burnett has a new reality show circus coming to town and it involves celebrities and Navy SEALs. Tentatively titled 'Stars Earn Stripes,' the series will feature celebs tackling weekly challenges based on rigorous military training methods, included those used by the elite Navy SEALS.

The series will feature nine celebs culled from across the entertainment world, including music, movie and sports stars. Each celeb will be paired with a military trainer who'll prep them for weekly challenges inspired by those used in the five branches of the armed forces, including a hostage rescue mission. Each week, one celeb will be discharged.

Joining Burnett on the NBC series is 'Law & Order' creator, Dick Wolf, who sees the series as an opportunity to honor those who protect and serve our country. "I think this is a unique opportunity to pay tribute to our troops and first responders who put their lives on the line every day," said Wolf.

Burnett is equally amped about recognizing the Armed Forces via reality TV and C-List celebrities.

"When I see someone in a military uniform, I make it a point to approach them, shake their hand and say five words - 'thank you for your service,' " Burnett said. "'Stars Earn Stripes' is a high-energy, fun action show, but at its heart, it is all about those five words. Our celebrities are going to experience the high adrenaline that Special Forces and law enforcement encounter and will realize how very hard and scary it is to do those jobs. I encourage everyone who reads this today to say those five words the next time they see someone in uniform, be it military or law enforcement."

Still, I'll bet your average serviceman or woman could think of a better tribute than being made to watch Gary Busey and one of the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' attempt to negotiate a staged hostage rescue. But that doesn't mean it won't make for some good TV.