It is quite possible that Chow Yun Fat’s work with John Woo is what brought me into an awareness of my special love for action cinema.

I discovered ‘Hard Boiled,' ‘The Killer’ and ‘A Better Tomorrow 2’ while working at a video store in the late 1990s. VHS was still the norm, and international cinema was pretty hard to find. Sadly, Chow Yun Fat’s collaboration with John Woo would prove to be one of the last game changing revelations in action cinema before CGI came along.

But enough about that. Beyond his work with John Woo, Chow Yun Fat also collaborated regularly with Ringo Lam and has made a successful leap to roles in western films such as the ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ franchise. So here’s to slow motion, doves, two handguns and a super cool toothpick!

“You saved the day there, you little pisspot. Thanks a lot.” – Tequila, (to an infant who peed on him and extinguished a flame) ‘Hard Boiled’