While we understand that Chris Pratt is a very busy guy, we've got a humble request for the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star: can he be on 'The Tonight Show' every night? Pratt hit Jimmy Fallon's show last night to get the crowd -- nay, the world -- pumped about his hosting gig on 'SNL' this weekend and just ended up charming everyone. He didn't even need to promote anything, he just needed to be.

Pratt and Fallon covered a lot of ground, from a rousing round of 'Word Sneak' (which, duh, Pratt is great at), to stories about how a young teen Pratt would straight up steal 'SNL' sketches for school assemblies and how his now-famous first headshot came to be. We're betting that Pratt has a million other stories just like that, so, seriously, can he come back every night?