'Christian Mingle' Trailer: Holy Crap, This Is a Real Movie


Christian movies are kind of a big deal right now, so it sort of makes sense, we guess (?), for dating website ChristianMingle.com to get in on the action with their very own film -- no, actually it makes absolutely no sense at all, but here is the trailer for 'Christian Mingle,' a film directed by Corbin Bernsen, of all people, and starring former Mean Girl Lacey Chabert opposite some guy suffering from Average White Guy face.

The, um, "film," also features a baffling cast which includes the beloved Stephen Tobolowsky (gettin' paid, gettin' paid), John O'Hurley, Morgan Fairchild (sure!), and Bernsen himself.

Oh, and this thing has a plot. It follows Chabert's character, who joins the Christian Mingle dating site even though she's -- gasp! -- not at all a Christian, but she meets a nice Christian boy, starts going to church, and unwittingly finds herself drawn to the good, upstanding morals and values of his lifestyle. All the while her sassy friends are like, "Ooooh girl, you aren't even a Christian!" But the real Jesus was love all along! (Or something.) You could maybe also call this movie 'The Accidental Christian.'

Jesus Christ.

Wonder of all wonders, this thing will actually come to theaters in October.

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