Well, this is quite the career rebound. Matthew McConaughey, after a couple of years of solid character work -- and a lot of stolen scenes -- is now back in the big leagues as it appears Christopher Nolan wants him to be the lead in his next film 'Interstellar.' Not bad for an almost wash-out, yeah?

Deadline is reporting that Nolan has offered the lead role in 'Interstellar' to McConaughey, though absolutely nothing is known about his part other than the character's name is Cooper. Considering Nolan's M.O., we're likely to be kept in the dark for quite some time. This also suggests that Nolan's power is such that he can make a movie that isn't based on an existing property without Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon or Will Smith.

But the real story here is the amazing career resurgence of Mathew McConaughey. Though he made quite the impression twenty years ago in 'Dazed and Confused,' he was targeted for stardom and appeared in serious movies like 'A Time to Kill' and 'Amistad' before finding a niche in romantic comedies. It seemed like he might come back with his work in 'The Lincoln Lawyer,' but last year he delivered the goods in 'Bernie,' 'Killer Joe' and 'Magic Mike.' He's such a hot commodity, as he recently appeared in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street' and has a number of films big and small coming out this year. Sometimes for male actors, the right time is a little bit later (something true for George Clooney, and for the late Heath Ledger).