A new expansion for Civilization 5 is just on the horizon, and to get everyone up to speed on some of the improvements, 2K Games has released a new trailer. This time, we get a look at Brave New Worlds' trade routes.

Among the many new civilizations, units, and Wonders there are also some changes coming to the way you can play and win the game. One of the biggest additions coming is the inclusion of trade routes. Now you'll be able to swap materials between your own city states or other civilizations.

There are two types being added, with land being a speedy way to get goods where they need to go in short bursts, and sea being used for farther destinations, but the ability to earn you more money. Of course, the best way to disrupt a civilization in times of war is to attack trade routes, making sure valuable assets never arrive. That can and will happen in this expansion, too.

Check out the trailer while you wait for the expansion to arrive on PC on July 9th. The Mac version is planned, but has no release date as of yet.