Let's just say we were all a "tad bit" curious when Marvel revealed that a new mysterious short film called 'Item 47' would be featured on the DVD and Blu-ray edition of 'The Avengers.' No details were announced at the time, but then we slowly learned that the latest installment from the "One Shot" series focuses on a couple who gains possession of one of the alien Chitauri guns after the huge invasion in 'The Avengers.'

While we're all waiting patiently for the entire short film to air during the Comic-Con 2012 Marvel panel in San Diego on Saturday, a newly released poster provides a closer look at this coveted weapon.

As we previously reported, 'Cloverfield's Lizzy Caplan and 'Swimfan's Jesse Bradford star in 'Item 47' as the happy couple turned vigilantes running from S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, who are looking to take back the alien gun. Considering all the damage and grief these things caused Captain America and his buddies in the final blowout, it's safe to say that it shouldn't be in the hands of New Yorkers.

While we're waiting for the full short at Comic-Con -- and as a reminder, all those in attendance should download the "Avengers Second Screen" app for their chance to win the Marvel scavenger hunt and be the first to see 'Item 47' -- check out the full poster below.