Comic-Con 2013: 'RoboCop' Remake Reveals New Images


Things have been awfully quiet on the 'RoboCop' front, with information about the upcoming remake of the classic 1987 film film slowing to a trickle. But with Comic-Con 2013 literally right around the corner, it looks like marketing on the film is looking to leap forward in a major way. The film's viral site has been updated, giving us a glimpse of some the nifty stuff that'll feature in the film.

The site is set up to represent OmniCorp, the fictional corporation behind the creation of RoboCop and other high-tech law enforcement-related products. With the latest update, the site lets you examine some of their products in greater detail. Clicking on the ED-209 will bring up all of the relevant specs that a potential buyer will want to know, including weapon capacity and armor. It's all sci-fi nonsense for the most part, but man, it really is pretty cool sci-fi nonsense. We don't want to get too excited about a remake of 'RoboCop' (because remaking 'RoboCop' still sounds like the king of all bad ideas), but this site points toward a hard science fiction take on the concept and that's pretty darn cool.

Despite all of the updates, we still don't have an official look at the new RoboCop himself, which is strange since you'd think they would've released something after spy photos of the set spread across the internet. However, we fully expect that people will get to see Joel Kinnaman's take on the iconic cyborg police officer at the Comic-Con panel. After all, the film is only six months away -- if they don't premiere a trailer and footage this Friday, why are they even there?

'RoboCop' is scheduled to open on February 7th, 2014. Check out the viral site for yourself or scroll on down to gaze upon some of the new images and the viral video they released last year.


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