We're still patiently awaiting news of 'Community's' renewal or cancellation, along with some of NBC's other comedies, but this Thursday's all-new episode "Basic Human Anatomy" might be the craziest concept episode yet. Not only will Troy and Abed switch bodies under mysterious circumstances, but also something gets Dean Pelton all hot and bothered! Get an early look at 'Community's' "Basic Human Anatomy" inside!

'Community' remains well-known for its out there high-concept episodes, but even this Thursday's "Basic Human Anatomy" has our curiosity piqued. The latest half-hour from 'Community's' fourth season will see Troy and Abed switching bodies a la 'Freaky Friday,' but have the two really made a switch, or simply staged an elaborate prank on the gang?

NBC has released the full set of photos from "Basic Human Anatomy," wherein it seems that Dean Pelton has gotten some new spark of his own, while Jeff infiltrates Greendale's maintenance staff on a mission. Interestingly enough, Dean Pelton himself, Oscar-winner Jim Rash actually wrote the episode!

You can check out the full set of photos from 'Community's April 25 episode ""Basic Human Anatomy" below, and give us your predictions in the comments! Will 'Community's latest concept fall flat, or garner enough attention for a fifth season?