Well, the time has once again come for 'Community' fans to cross their fingers, watch the broadcast live, and hopefully dreamatorialize a fifth season of the eternally-struggling NBC gem. Thursday's all-new episode "Advanced Introduction to Finality" may well serve as the show's series finale, but 'Community's' fourth season closer will pull out all the stops, from darkest timelines, to paintball, to Annie's boobs! See 'Community' at its craziest yet with the latest season finale sneak peeks!

'Community's ultimate end may be at hand, as NBC will decide the fate of the series in the coming weeks. In case tomorrow's season finale "Advanced Introduction to Finality" turns out to be the series finale, the episode will see the return of some of the series' most popular threads, namely the "Darkest Timeline!"

The latest looks at the season finale see Jeff in a prime position to finally graduate Greendale, but things really go off the rails when Abed encounters Jeff's sinister double from another dimension. What happens from there is best left to the video itself, but suffice to say, Thursday's finale will prove one of 'Community's most out-there episodes to date.

We'll keep our ears to the ground for news of 'Community's cancellation or renewal, but what say you? Are you looking forward to the Greendale gang's season 4 finale "Advanced Introduction to Finality?" Check out the previews below (Via EW, IGN, and HuffPostTV), and give us your predictions in the comments!