Six seasons and an animated series, anyone?  The first episode of 'Community's animated webisodes has appeared on Hulu, chock full of the Greendale humor and spirit we've all been missing during' Community's torturous hiatus.

While we all wait for the series proper's live-action return on March 15 with "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts," the first full episode of "Abed's Master Key" and a brand new clip from 'Community's' return should do nicely to hold us over (at least for a few minutes). 

In it, we learn that Greendale has fallen on hard times (has it ever had "good" times?) to the point where Dean Pelton (Oscar-winner Jim Rash) has had to rent out beloved pieces of the school himself, while Abed (Danny Pudi) takes on the job of the Dean's assistant, complete with the titular master Key!

It's short, but sweet, and a fine way to get back into the spirit of Greendale Human Beings prior to 'Community's long awaited return.  The shorts were written by web series ‘Ikea Heights’ creators Dave Seger and Tom Kauffman, and will air on Hulu and in three separate installments running from March 7 to March 9.

And as a special bonus, after you watch the first episode of "Abed's Master Key," scroll down even further for your first look at 'Community's true return with a fresh clip from "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts," where the study group discusses the merits of Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown)'s upcoming second wedding to former husband Andre (Malcolm-Jamal Warner)!

Trust us, it's worth the price of admission for Britta's definition of "analogy" alone.  Watch the clips below, hit us up with your comments below, and be sure to watch the mid-season premiere of 'Community' on Thursday, March 15!

And now for the clip from "Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts!"