News of a newly-registered Contra title, called Contra: Run and Gun, has just surfaced, hinting at a brand new game in the famed run-and-gun series.

The trademark, discovered by the sleuths at NeoGAF, was registered on June 4. There are no clues that indicate whether or not this will be a console title or if it will be released on mobile platforms, but it will be the fourteenth title in the Contra series.

The most recent game in the series was Hard Corps: Uprising, which was developed by Arc System Works, the creators of the Guilty Gear fighting series. This was released as a downloadable title on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Perhaps we'll see the same treatment for Run and Gun?

We'll bring you more information as it's made available, but for now, let us know if you'd be interested in a new Contra title. And check out the teaser, shown above, that came out in 2011, which may have hinted at Run and Gun.