Cosplay of the Day: Lady 'Thor' Takes the Cake

Marvel Studios/Stephen Clement

Our Cosplay of the Day comes from Lily Spitfyre, who is a total knock-out in her Thor costume.

Lily Spitfyre is something of a cosplay pro, and this Thor costume is no exception. She puts a feminine spin on the iconic superhero, but doesn't stray from the masculine with his hammer and signature helmet.

And let's be honest here -- Lily is a beautiful lady, and this costume makes her look like she's performing in a Thor opera. We would so totally pay to see that.

On her Facebook page, Lily calls herself an amateur seamstress, painter, sculptor, model and photographer, and notes, "But mostly. I like to cosplay." You can check out her profile, which has tons of great pics of her in various costumes, but we really love this Thor outfit because it's just put together impeccably, and we don't think there's anything amateur about it at all.

There's plenty of photos of Lily Spitfyre below, including a couple with her friend and fellow cosplayer Gloria Hatrick, suited up as Loki. By Odin's beard, we do declare this pretty damn cool.

Stephen Clement
Stephen Clement
Adley Lobo
Stephen Clement
Stephen Clement

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