She comes from a poor, provincial town in France and always has her head up in some cloud, but Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast' is way overdue for a Cosplay of the Day feature. Let's check out everyone's favorite singing bibliophile!

Belle is a bit of an odd duck in her town. While she's a great beauty, she doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the townsfolk. Maybe it's because she dreams of something more than what she's been given and isn't content to spend the rest of her days as some dude's little wife. Her uniqueness is made even more apparent when you notice that she's the only one in town who wears the color blue. She may come from humble beginnings, but we all know that fate has something a lot more enchanting in store for her.

This is Rayi, a cosplayer from Germany, in Belle's signature blue and white outfit. It is exactly this getup that separates her from the rest of the rabble in town and lets us know that she's really something special. We enjoy the fact that these pictures were taken in the woods in Ludwigshafen, Germany, adding a sort of authenticity to the shoot (though the original setting is in France).

See more of Rayi's magical costumes, which range from more Disney characters to Japanese anime, on her profile, and let us know what you think of her talents.

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