Cosplay of the Day: Bender's Made of 100% Awesome!

The Curiosity Company/OlyRider

No one who's watched 'Futurama' can hate on Bender Bending Rodriguez, the cantankerous, alcoholic robot who makes up part of the Delivery Planet crew. With that said, we're here to show you an impressive cosplay that will make you love the bending unit much more.

Bender is kind of a jerk, but he's got his soft, gooey parts under all of that metal (the composition of which changes with each season). He steals almost every scene he's in with his boisterous speeches and his pronounced contempt for mankind. But even with all of his apparent hatred of humananity, he's still very loyal to the one fleshbag he holds dear: Fry. And that makes him a true friend.

OlyRider has created an amazing Bender outfit out of foam, wires and polyester. The best part? It's extremely customizable and can be turned into different versions of Bender, such as the Gender Bender, Robotology Bender and cigar-smoking Bender. We love this outfit so much that we're looking up tutorials on how to craft one ourselves!

Check out OlyRider's work on deviantART and take a look at his other awesome costumes, like a full-body Gumby outfit!


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