Ever since making her debut in 'Iron Man 2,' Black Widow has become quite the popular cosplay, so it takes a fan with a little something extra to impress us -- and this one definitely blew us away.

Played by Scarlett Johansson in 'Iron Man 2' and 'The Avengers,' Black Widow made her big screen debut with a kick -- literally. She's agile, smart, and she can fight just as hard -- if not harder -- than her male counterparts. Black Widow quickly became a cosplay favorite for female fans, and we've seen a ton of cosplayers tackle the badass heroine, but none quite this awesome.

DeviantArt user Isssse is by far our favorite Black Widow cosplayer, not only because she nails the sleek black jumpsuit costume and that gorgeous red hair, but because of her creativity with this amazing photo shoot. The photos were taken by Sergio Aguirre, and feature fellow cosplayer Iorek Bernyson as Iron Man. There's tons of fiery explosions and action hero posing going on in these photos, taking the idea of cosplay to another level. They're not just playing dress-up here -- they're living the dream!

Check out some pics of Isssse as Black Widow below, or head over to her DeviantArt page for more of her awesome work.

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