Cosplay of the Day: Lady Cyclops Has Her Eye on You

Marvel/~LexiFree, DeviantArt

We've got another awesome Rule 63 cosplay for you guys today -- this cool lady cosplayer takes on Cyclops from 'X-Men,' and you better hope she doesn't have her sights set on you.

LexiFree (aka PeachyMomo) got together with some friends at last year's New York Comic-Con to do a gender-bending take on the 'X-Men' characters. LexiFree cosplayed as Cyclops, aka Scott Summers, going for a more classic and colorful approach to the character, with simple lines and a clean costume -- she really looks like she just stepped right off the pages of the comic books.

It's always great to see ladies cosplaying as male characters, all fearless and fun and having a good time like LexiFree and her friends. We really love the photo of her clutching a Dark Phoenix cosplayer with the cartoon "Nooo!" caption. There's lots of little cartoony touches to LexiFree's other photos, as well. She seems to really love the 'X-Men,' and has also cosplayed as Ms. Marvel and the Black Queen version of Jean Grey from the Dark Phoenix Saga.

Check out some pics of LexiFree below, or head over to her DeviantArt page for more of her adorable cosplay work.

~LexiFree, DeviantArt
~LexiFree, DeviantArt
~LexiFree, DeviantArt

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