In an alternate universe, were there any justice, 'X-Men: The Last Stand' would have done the Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey saga right. That won't happen, but at least we can enjoy this incendiary Dark Phoenix cosplay.

The Dark Phoenix saga is one of the greatest comic stories Marvel ever told -- the story of Jean Grey, whose unlimited telekinetic and telepathic potential was noticed by a highly powerful cosmic being, The Phoenix Force. The entity saved Jean while dying from solar radiation poisoning in space, only to then place her in suspended animation while assuming her appearance. But things take a dark turn when the Hellfire Club conspires to harness the Phoenix's power, and the Dark Phoenix is born. Dark Phoenix fights her X-Men friends, devours stars, accumulates an army, and becomes even more powerful and dangerous than Galactus.

Yeah, Dark Phoenix is kind of awesome. And it's a shame we never got to see her story realized in an interesting way on the big screen.

But this cosplayer's vibrant take on the comic book character is stunning -- the long, lustrous, fiery red hair, the gold and crimson costume... she's beautiful and totally deadly. The cosplayer is Alexia Jean Grey, a costume designer and cosplay model (and huge 'Pokemon' fan), and we love her colorful effort to bring this character from the comic book page to real life.

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