Cosplay of the Day: The 11th Doctor's Doppelganger

BBC/Matt Elliot

It's been 50 years since 'Doctor Who' first started, and in that time it's managed to gather loads of fans called Whovians. Now, every Whovian will champion one Doctor over another, always extolling the virtues of their favorite incarnation of the Time Lord. Today, we're featuring the most recent incarnation, the Eleventh Doctor, as the Cosplay of the Day. And what we've found was jaw-dropping.

The 11th Doctor is played by Matt Smith and has enjoyed the adoration of many Whovians who enjoy his younger look, as well as his blend of nonchalance and rage. For a while, he became sort of like a doting uncle character towards his companion, Amy Pond. But with the addition of new companion Clara, there's a certain heat and tension present that was much needed.

Here is Matt Elliot, a cosplayer who looks so much like Matt Smith that it takes several minutes of squinting and blinking to make sure you're not looking at two pictures of the same person above. He's fashioned himself as a Doctor Who lookalike, which only makes sense, and looks every bit like the famed Time Lord. Once we're done with being thoroughly impressed, we'll have to find the person who CTRL+C and CTRL+V'd him into existence.

Check out his adventures as Doctor Who on his deviantART page, and look for his pictures with past Doctors and companion Amy Pond.

Matt Elliot
Matt Elliot
Matt Elliot

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