We see a lot of 'Doctor Who' TARDIS cosplay from ladies, but none quite as creative and inspiring as this illuminating dress based on the time machine's control room.

It's so, so easy to cosplay as the TARDIS from 'Doctor Who' -- just get a blue mini dress and paint it to look like the front of the TARDIS, which is just a police call box on the outside. And so, of course, you see these TARDIS dresses at conventions all the time, and we're not knocking them, but it's been done to death!

[Editor's Note: Turns out the original photo we found was mis-sourced to Kirsty Delwig. The real credit goes to Christine Miles. The below text as been changed accordingly.]

Enter Christine Miles, a 'Doctor Who' fan who decided to take a very different approach to cosplaying as the TARDIS. Christine created this glowing costume (no, literally, it's glowing) with the help of her friend Oz for this year's C2E2. It creatively replicates the control room of the TARDIS with its bluish-green glow and various controls wrapped around her, using her body as the center of the "room." For the outside of the TARDIS, a royal blue jacket was made to mimic the color of the police call box exterior. Pretty genius, right?

But we just can't get over the amazing light-up feature of her dress. That had to take some serious skill. Check out some pretty great photos of Christine's 'Doctor Who' TARDIS cosplay below, and head on over to her Tumblr page to see even more!

Craig Hurle, Facebook
Christine Miles, Tumblr
Christine Miles, Tumblr
Christine Miles, Tumblr

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