Cosplay of the Day: Play Your Cards Right With Gambit

Chris Bachalo/Marvel/Andreas Schneider

When you think about comic books and popular franchises, chances are that you'll come across 'X-Men' at some point. Everyone's got their own favorite mutant with cool superpowers, but we're choosing the X-Men's favorite Cajun to feature in the Cosplay of the Day!

If you're a fan of the comics, TV shows or movies, then you'll probably be at least somewhat familiar with Gambit. This bon homme has the power to create pure kinetic energy and often charges up playing cards, effectively turning them into little explosives. He's also got some skills with a staff, making him a great fighter at any range.

This is Lady Sonika, all dressed up as a gender-bending version of Gambit. Crossplays are always fun to see because we get to witness new looks for some of our favorite characters. We enjoy the fact that she committed to the costume and even wore red contacts in order to be true to the character.

See more of Lady Sonika's impeccable cosplay work on her official website, and then report back here to let us know what you think of her costumes.

Andreas Schneider
Andreas Schneider
Andreas Schneider

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