Cosplay of the Day: Al's Got a Fullmetal Heart

Funimation/Stratum Cosplay

If you've never seen the anime 'Fullmetal Alchemist,' then do yourself a favor and go watch it. Then come back and marvel at this impressive Alphone Elric cosplay.

Alphone is the youngest of the Elric brothers but also happens to be the tallest. Well, it's not really his fault, since his soul's been bound to a large suit of armor, making him tall by default. Even though he lost his body in a horrible alchemy experiment, Al is still a masterful alchemist and an incredible fighter, making him one of the coolest characters around.

This is Stratum Cosplay in his crafted Al costume. We give him all the props in the world for walking around in that thing and not tripping every other minute. Also, how do you see in that costume?! The whole thing is made of craft foam, save for a support piece under the helmet's "skull" and the fabric that makes up the tail on the helm. It's always amazing to see what people can do with a bit of craft foam and hot glue.

Check out his other costumes, as well as blog entries detailing how he made them, on his personal website. Then let us know what you think of his work!

Stratum Cosplay
Stratum Cosplay
Stratum Cosplay

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