Batman who? Today's Cosplay of the Day is this adorable and sassy Harley Quinn, who you might know best as the Joker's dangerous sidekick.

This is Lie, a cosplay enthusiast from Germany who makes all of her own costumes inspired by various characters she loves, like Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn was created by the legendary Paul Dini and first introduced in 'Batman: The Animated Series.' She's gone on to be featured in comics and video games like 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' and its sequel, 'Batman: Arkham City.'

Lie goes for the classic cartoonish Harley Quinn look here, keeping things simple with a red and black one piece and basic black and white make-up, but what sets her apart is her hard work laboring over her creations. You can check out more of Lie's work on her DeviantArt page, and we think you'll be just as impressed as we were.

Lie's Harley Quinn cosplay is no joke, as you can see in the photos below:

All photos courtesy Lie-chee

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