Cosplay of the Day: Get Pumped for 'Iron Man 3' With This Amazing Cosplayer

Marvel Studios/Courtesy of Don Robert Torio and Izabel Cortez

We're still awaiting the release of 'Iron Man 3,' but this cosplayer is way ahead of the game with his incredible costume based on the film's Mark 42 design.

Donrobert is billed as the "greatest 'Iron Man' cosplayer in the Philippines," and if he's the best, his competition must be pretty fierce. His partner Izabel Cortez, who together form the cosplay team "DR Industries," submitted these fantastic photos of Donrobert, who has created 10 different incarnations of the 'Iron Man' suit. Each suit was inspired by the 'Iron Man' films, and all of them have been incredibly accurate.

He crafted the Mark 42 suit with the help of fellow cosplayer Red Daylusan from rubber foam -- the kind you find in the soles of sneakers or used to make flip-flops. Yes, this guy made an 'Iron Man' suit out of the same stuff you put on your feet when you go to the beach. Amazing, right?! Even more impressive is that this film hasn't even hit theaters yet, and Torio has already made a screen-accurate replica.

Donrobert has been cosplaying as 'Iron Man' for six years. He began as a total newbie with no prior experience crafting costumes, and has evolved into quite the expert, as evidenced by his most recent work. He's been shot by photographers like Jay Tablante, who did a special photo shoot with Donrobert and Tony Stark's car of choice, the Audi R8, and he's going to be at the premiere of 'Iron Man 3' at the Glorietta Cinema in the Philippines.

Check out some pics of Torio in his latest 'Iron Man' creation below, or head over to his Facebook page for more.

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