Cosplay of the Day: Set Sail With Witty Jack


It's strange to think that a decade ago Captain Jack Sparrow wasn't really a "thing." But after four 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies and one on the way, an update to the original theme-park ride and plenty of merchandising, Sparrow has become a household name. So drink up, me hearties, as we check him out in today's Cosplay of the Day.

Captain Jack's origins are spotty at best and are pretty much mysteries that have been wrapped in several enigmas, covered with a healthy coating of weirdness. Regardless of where he came from, the captain of the Black Pearl came to be infamous in the pirating world, even becoming a member of the Brethren Court, which was comprised of the Pirate Lords of the Seven Seas. His misadventures have entertained us for years and will probably continue to do so for years.

This is Jack-Dan, a cosplayer from Brazil who has channeled Captain Jack's style and spirit. His pirate garb is only one half of the cosplay, since the other half includes him walking (or sashaying?) around as Sparrow with his very affected style of speech. Yet, he also manages to retain the character's intensity during the few times that he is really serious. This cosplay is worth a whole chest of cursed Aztec gold!

Check out more of this swashbuckling cosplayer on his deviantART page, then let us know if you'd pledge your loyalty to him to serve on his crew.

Do you have cosplay photos you would like to submit for consideration? E-mail to staff [at] screencrush [dot] com!

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