He's mean, gold and green, and he rocks the metal horns better than a crowd of Sabbath fans. You know and love him as Loki, from 'The Avengers.'

Loki Laufeyson is the fallen Asgardian prince who tries to usher in mankind's doom in 'The Avengers.' He is the brother of Thor, god of thunder, though he is not of the same blood -- which came to light when he first tried to destroy his sibling and take over his father's kingdom in 'Thor.' This dysfunctional fraternal duo are constantly butting heads in a way that goes beyond sibling rivalry. He's a smooth-talking trickster who has won over the hearts of many a lady with his villainous charms, making him a prime candidate for Cosplay of the Day.

Here is Sithcamaro in his King Loki outfit, adorned in the character's golden battle armor. He's dressed to the nines, complete with the horned helmet and the staff that's affectionately nicknamed the "Loki Pokey Stick." The fact that he took the time to recreate one of the character's more memorable interactions with the Hulk fills us with glee.

Check out more of his fantastic cosplays on his Cosplay.com profile, and let us know what you think of this trickster.

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