Here's one way to make Batman's Robin seem a little cooler: this cosplayer takes Robin from Boy Wonder to Girl Wonder almost effortlessly.

No, this isn't a Rule 63 cosplay -- in case you didn't know, there actually is a Girl Wonder in the Batman comics. Her name is Stephanie Brown, and she began life in the comics as the daughter of the Cluemaster. To help Batman capture Cluemaster, Stephanie dressed herself as the mysterious Spoiler, leaving clues to lead Batman to her father. Stephanie began a relationship with Robin (Tim Drake), but when he had to give up fighting crime, she made her own Robin suit and demanded that Batman teach her how to replace Robin. After some time, Stephanie also became the new Batgirl.

As you can see, Stephanie's a pretty busy lady. Today's cosplay comes from an equally busy lady named Sina. In addition to cosplaying as the Stephanie Brown version of Robin, Sina has also cosplayed Stephanie's Spoiler and Batgirl characters. Sina spends a lot of time making costumes in her home country of Germany, and attending various conventions to show them off and hang out with her fellow comic book geeks.

Check out some pics of her rad Robin costume below, or head over to her DeviantArt page for more.

Ali Jehad
SAKS Photography
Daniel John Cotton Wall
Daniel John Cotton Wall
Fresh-Bottled, DeviantArt

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