Cosplay of the Day: She Proves That Good Cosplay Isn't a Rarity


Whether you love 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic' or hate it, you've got to admit that the show about the BFF ponies has a lot of passionate fans. It's a good thing that a few of them put their passion and energy into crafting some amazing cosplay, modeled after their favorite equine characters.

This is Holly Gloha, a cosplayer from the US with great fashion sense, just like the 'MLP''s Rarity, the pony that represents the "Spirit of Generosity." Here she is in a dress she fashioned herself using three layers of fabric and a bunch of pieces from different online shops.

The dress is made out of white and printed bridal fabrics, and topped with a chiffon layer. This costume was definitely a labor of love, considering that it took her 31 hours just to work on the flounce (the frilly bits around the neckline).

Come see her other costumes on her Facebook page, and let us know if you think that her 'My Little Pony' cosplay is magical!


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