Move over, Robin. We all know Nightwing is so much cooler, as evidenced by this cosplayer's very effective take on the comic book character.

Nightwing originated as a Superman character, but when he and his buddy Flamebird teamed up with Batman and Robin (aka Dick Grayson), he really had an impact on the young Batman sidekick -- so much so, that Robin eventually renamed himself Nightwing, turning in the red and green ensemble for something a little more mature and edgy.

Cosplayed here by PhDPepper (clever name), Nightwing is brought to life in all his black and blue glory. This cosplayer put together an amazing, muscle-y costume, mask and all for this dark and moody photoshoot. He even got a buddy to step in to play a bad guy so he could put him in a choke hold! That's commitment to character!

PhDPepper started cosplaying back in 2009. Back then, he didn't know how to sew, which inspired him to get creative with his costume-making, but in 2011, he finally picked up a sewing machine, helping him make some even better designs.

PhDPepper has some other pretty cool cosplays over on his Facebook page, but for now, bask in the glory of Nightwing:

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