Cosplay of the Day: The Many Adventures of Princess Leia

20th Century Fox/Robert Vanelli

Some cosplayer choose just one costume based on their favorite character, but today's standout gives us not one, not two, but three different versions of Princess Leia from our beloved 'Star Wars' trilogy.

Leia is so cool. She's cooler than Luke, obviously, but we'd argue she's even cooler than Han Solo. Han thinks he's hot stuff (and okay, he is most of the time), but Leia has something better than cockiness: she has confidence. Han's just in it for rewards and stuff, but Leia's all about saving people from tyranny and making the universe a better place. See? She's so much cooler than Han.

We love this cosplay, submitted by John McDonald of Lady Lomax, which takes on all three of Princess Leia's signature looks -- we've got the gold slave bikini, obviously, and there's the white dress with those iconic buns on the sides of her head, and then there's Leia's Endor look, which consists of camouflage to keep her hidden from Stormtroopers. Lady Lomax even has her very own tiny Ewok, making this costume our favorite of the trio!

And for fun, Lady Lomax is joined by Johnny Havoc as Han Solo for a special photo of the rebellious duo. Check out some pics of this awesome cosplayer below, or head over to her Facebook page for more.

Robert Vanelli
Robert Vanelli
Robert Vanelli
Robert Vanelli
Robert Vanelli
Robert Vanelli

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