Cosplay of the Day: The Rocketeer Flies Again

Disney/Jason Holmes

We've already featured the Rocketeer before, but we wanted to showcase an American hero on the Fourth of July who wasn't Captain America, so the limelight falls on him again! And besides ... what's not to like about a stunt pilot who flies around fighting Nazis?

Cliff Secord was a stunt pilot and mechanic who got ahold of a rocket pack created by Howard Hughes, the eccentric billionaire. Once he strapped the pack on and wore the face-hiding helmet, Secord adventured around as the Rocketeer. In the film of the same name, he outs a Nazi spy in Hollywood and ends up battling Nazi forces. Nazi-fighting, Hollywood and Howard Hughes -- what could be more American than that?

This masked cosplayer is Jeff Teel, an accessory designer based in San Diego. When he's not crafting jewelry and baubles, he's apparently making pretty awesome cosplay outfits based on great heroes in American cinema. His Rocketeer outfit is nothing short of impressive and his suit looks so authentic that we wouldn't at all be surprised to see him flying around one day.

Check out his jewelry shop online here and then check out his deviantART in order to see more of Jeff's work.


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