Why should the guys get to have all the fun? This lady cosplayer's take on the 'Star Wars' Snowtrooper makes us wish we could go play in the snow.

You most likely recall the Snowtroopers on an icy planet in the Hoth system in 'Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back,' where Luke, Princess Leia and Han Solo are attacked by the Imperial fleet. It's one of the best openings in sci-fi history, with a giant Wampa, AT-ATs and that unforgettable makeshift Tauntaun sleeping bag.

But all the Stormtroopers are guys, which, as we found out in the prequel trilogy, is because they're all based on the genetic makeup of Jango Fett. So it's not really a sexist thing, but wouldn't it be awesome if there were lady Stormtroopers?

Nathalie Tiel rose to the occasion with her ladylike interpretation of the Snowtrooper outfit. It's not a costume that feels overly feminine, and she still looks like she can kick some ass with her various weapons and awesome armor. And while those furry boots look cute, we doubt they'd allow for efficient movement. Still -- it's a pretty cool concept. Take a look at some photos of Nathalie courtesy of Sleeping Beast Photography:

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