Remember the '90s when we all thought Spawn was so cool? This cosplayer shows us that the hellacious hero still is.

The man in the mask is goes by Michael Knightmage Wilson, and the artist responsible for the elaborate airbrush work is Reddit user Jcshaull77, who works for Airtistix Airbrush in Niles, Ohio. According to the original Reddit thread on which these photos were posted, the costume itself was made with a cardboard and wire skeleton in the upper section for flexibility, and a Paasche VL airbrush was used with an aqua flow paint. While the mask itself was purchased from a Mexico-based company that sells Lucha Libre masks, the artist applied the brush for added dimension.

Spawn is no easy cosplay to pull off and he isn't your average bright and colorful comic book character -- his story is dark and his morals are complex, and that tone is echoed in the style of the illustrations and the design of his costume. Kudos to this cosplayer and his airbrushing accomplice for pulling it off beautifully.

Also, we really love that Spawn is hanging out in front of a jewelry store in these photos. Spawn loves his bling.

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