This Doc Ock cosplay, inspired by the villain from 'Spider-Man 2,' is really impressive stuff. The web-slinger better keep his eyes peeled, 'cause Doc Ock can't wait to get all four of his arms wrapped around our hero.

Today's cosplay is a submission from cosplay creator Nick (aka Spider-Trooper), who teamed up with his pal Andy Morrish (the man wearing the costume) for this incredible "Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock" cosplay. This particular Doc Ock (short for Doctor Octopus) was inspired by Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' sequel, in which a scientist named Octavius (Alfred Molina) uses these four tentacle-like claw arms to harness the power of the element Tritium to save his wife from dying. But the experiment goes awry, and the four-armed contraption is fused to Octavius' back -- and, as these things often go, he becomes a really bad dude, reborn as Doc Ock.

Spider-Trooper told ScreenCrush that his costume is made completely out of foam build in order to keep the costume light enough for casual wear. The whole thing weighs about four kilograms (that's close to nine pounds), making the piece lighter than the overcoat and leather jacket Andy also wears.

We've included some fantastic pictures of Nick/Spider-Trooper's Doc Ock cosplay, worn by Andy, below. For more, head over to his Facebook page.

And so you can see how much work was put into this cosplay, here's some photos of the creation process. You can check out the complete making-of photo set here.

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