Anne Hathaway's take on Selina Kyle and Catwoman in 'The Dark Knight Rises' may have redefined the character for a new generation of moviegoers, but for our money, you still can't beat Michelle Pfeiffer's sexy and crazy take on the character from Tim Burton's 'Batman Returns.' It seems that cosplayer Belladonna agrees. After all, she's gone and created a near-perfect replica of the iconic costume.

The costume was created for this year's Montreal Comic-Con and Belladonna took great care to make the costume as accurate to its movie counterpart as possible. In this forum thread, she discusses her process. Although the cowl was created by Reevz FX, the rest of the costume was created and modified by her. The stitches in the costume were created with "puffy fabric paint" and the claws were handmade with a little help from her father (awww!). As for that bullwhip, she had to turn to another cinematic icon to get that taken care of -- it's a replica of Indiana Jones' iconic weapon!

Belladonna is no stranger to the world of Batman villainy, having previous cosplayed as the Joker's maniacal assistant/girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Although her tastes definitely seem to run toward the "classic" versions of these characters, she certainly has no qualms about mixing with fellow cosplayers with more modern tastes. As you can see in the images below, she looks right at home next to a Nolan-ized Batman!