Cosplay of the Week: This Rapunzel Has Got Us All 'Tangled'

Alexandria Winder/Disney

At one point or another, every girl dreams of being a princess, but cosplayer Lauren Marie Ewart has taken it to the next level! While some would just day dream about it, Lauren has gone and made herself a stunning version of Rapunzel's costume as seen in Disney's 'Tangled.'

'Tangled' offers a revisionist take on the tale of Rapunzel, the princess who is imprisoned in a magical tower by an evil witch whose long hair ends up being her salvation. Of course, this version is a Disney princess for the 21st century, kicking just as much butt as the rogue who shows up to "save" her.

Lauren makes appearances as Rapunzel through her St. Louis, Missouri-based company, Drop of Sunlight Entertainment. Offering "dreamer owned and operated princess parties and royal entertainment," Lauren uses her impressively made Rapunzel get-up to make the days of young Disney fans. And while Rapunzel is her sole princess at the moment, she assures us that additional Disney princesses are on the way.

But kid-friendly parties and Rapunzel isn't all that she offers! On her Facebook page, she teases appearances as Daenerys Targaryen of 'Game of Thrones' fame (with a Khal Drogo in tow!) for older parties.

You can check out a full gallery of Lauren's Rapunzel pics over at Cosplay Couture.

Alexandria Winder
Alexandria Winder
Alexandria Winder
Alexandria Winder

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