When we reported earlier today that Joe Carnahan's attempt to reboot 'Daredevil' was rejected, it seemed likely that the property -- which was controlled by 20th Century Fox -- would fall back into the hands of Marvel. With so little time left on the clock, that's exactly what's happening.

This comes from Variety, and Fox would have to come up with some sort of Hail Mary pass to get the film in production by the deadline of October 10. There are options, one would be to go to Roger Corman to make a cheap version, which happened with 'Fantastic Four' in the 1990's. But at this late date, it's all but assured they're losing the blind superhero, and it's likely that Carnahan's version would be tied up at Fox.

With the character back in the Marvel fold, This gives them a number of options in terms of weaving the character into other films, or letting him fly solo. Perhaps they will work Daredevil in to 'The Avengers' sequel - Daredevil has declined joining the team before, but Brian Michael Bendis has had DD join the team recently. This means that there's more crayons in the Marvel box, and we're sure that the character will make his way to the big screen again in the next couple of years, in one way or another.