A 2.5D survival platformer game called Dark Matter will be coming to Steam later this month, set to make you scream where no one can hear you do it.

Iceberg Interactive has announced that Dark Matter will be hitting PC, OS X and Linux on Steam in mid-October. Dark Matter tells the tale of an Ensign who must navigate a derelict spaceship called the Endeavor. He'll scavenge for parts and blueprints while taking on intelligent alien enemies.

Players will be able to expand their arsenal and customize their weapons in order to be better equipped for survival in the parasite-infested ship. You can see, or at least try to see, all of the action in the screenshots shown below. Dark Matter definitely takes its name seriously and has you adventuring in dimly-lit corridors and facilities, ramping up the tension you'll feel. Why? Well, because the aliens are probably in the walls.

Look out for Dark Matter on Steam later this month!