Zombie Studios' Daylight will usher in a new generation of horror on next-gen consoles. But how will the developer bring the genre forward?

Speaking with the PlayStation blog, Zombie Studios' creative director Andre Maguire talked a bit about the ways in which Daylight would keep you on your toes. "The procedural creation of content in Daylight is where we’re trying something new for the genre," Maguire said. "This approach allows for a massive amount of replayability, without feeling like you’re experiencing the same scary moments over and over."

And it's not just the moments that will change with every play. The game world will be different every time, too. "The procedural environment actually helps us quite a bit in terms of tension," Maguire added. "A core part of the gameplay will be to learn the layouts of the environments, which will be different every time."

Scripted sequences are perfect for horror games the first time through, but the impact an easily be lost if you have to replay a section over and over. That doesn't sound like it will be an issue with Zombie Studios new title. Daylight is due out in 2014, but we hope we don't have to wait that long to get a look at how it will play. In the meantime, these new screenshots will just have to hold us over.