It’s all happening. We’re getting a Deadpool solo film, which will finally give the beloved Merc With a Mouth the proper big screen treatment. We’ve seen Ryan Reynolds in full, classic Deadpool costume, and we watched as he gleefully delivered the news that the upcoming film will indeed be rated R — that’s kind of a big risk for Fox to make with the solo property, given the family-friendly nature of superhero films. Then again, Deadpool isn’t your average hero. And according to original creator Rob Liefeld, there are more reasons to get excited about the Deapool movie than the rating.

In an interview with, Liefeld spoke at length about developing the character for Marvel comics, Deadpool’s sense of humor and his iconic costume. At the end of their chat, Liefeld opened up about what we can expect from the solo film. Unsurprisingly, he makes comparisons to MCU properties, which have become the ultimate template for superhero franchises:

I’m telling you with great conviction, and great anticipation for the satisfaction everyone is going to experience, that the Deadpool film is tremendous. It’s tremendous fun. It has everything. In the same manner that Robert Downey Jr. co-opted Tony Stark/Iron Man and now seems to “own” him in that way that you can’t imagine Iron Man without him, that’s what will happen with Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool. The Tony Stark I grew up with wasn’t as snappy and as quippy as Downey Jr. made him, but now I only think of his performance. That is what is going to happen here with Ryan and Deadpool. You can see it happening already. It’s a complete ownership of a role that we are all going to rally around. This Deadpool film will establish Deadpool on a global scale. In addition to being brilliantly raucous, crazy, violent, and action packed, the Deadpool film has tremendous heart and soul. Prepare for an experience that you haven’t encountered yet. It’s [a] new template in the way that Guardians of the Galaxy established a new tone for the franchise. Deadpool will do the same.

Those are great comparisons to make — Iron Man and Deadpool aren’t all that dissimilar. Both are quick-witted and prone to bouts of narcissism and sarcasm. When Reynolds was initially cast as Deadpool for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it seemed like a great fit. Reynolds is known for playing characters in that same snappy vein, but the film ultimately did the character a major disservice. Reynolds knew it, which is why he relentlessly pursued this solo film.

Reynolds is still capable of owning that Deadpool persona on the big screen, and if all goes well, this might just be the beginning. Fox’s plan for Deadpool is different from its X-Men franchise, while the studio still intends on linking the two for their new universe, which will also include Channing Tatum’s Gambit movie. With an R-rating and an anti-hero protagonist, Deadpool will set itself apart — it’s a risky move, but one that, as Liefeld notes, could set a new tone within Fox’s franchise. Deadpool can happily co-exist alongside X-Men, while operating in its own weird little corner of the universe.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 12, 2016.