Joseph Kahn's 'Detention' is a high-velocity meta mixtape of pop-culture and film conventions old and new. The film premiered at last year's SXSW to highly divisive reviews, but we find ourselves firmly planted in the positive camp. Now there's a new clip on the web for you to find out for yourself.

'Detention' feels like a satire of a film that this generation hasn't made yet, sort of like the earlier work of Gregg Araki; Kahn ('Torque') takes familiar genre tropes and smashes them together, like the filmmaking equivalent of an episode of 'Robot Chicken,' only glossier, smarter, and with 100% more butt-kickery.

'Detention' also touts one of the best opening sequences in recent memory: a send-up and subsequent destruction of the slasher film that would make Wes Craven blush for his attempt at meta-mockery in 'Scream 4.'

In the clip below, Josh Hutcherson's character is about to get a beat down from the school jock. Hutcherson, who also acted as executive producer on the film, stars alongside Dane Cook, Shanley Caswell and Spencer Locke. Don't be put off by the inclusion of Cook in the cast; he's actually pitch-perfect in the role of the scumbag principal.

'Detention' gets a limited run via AMC theaters this April.